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Corporate IT managers and Business Continuity planners are always investigating ways to enhance their plans for dealing with a catastrophic loss of systems and facilities. During an industry focus group discussion in 1991, a small group of financial services professionals envisioned a new level of alternate-site recovery capabilities specific to the remittance and lockbox processing environment.

The ideal solution would include systems and facilities redundancy combined with professional services. Risk would be spread amongst a geographically diverse base of users. And because the number of users in a region would be limited, the risks posed by multiple disasters affecting shared facilities would be mitigated. Regular recovery systems testing would ensure preparedness.

DRS, Disaster Recovery Services has been delivering on this customer-centric model since 1992. Through focus, innovation, and commitment, DRS emerged as a leading provider of alternate site facilities and systems used by the financial services industry. Today, that same discipline allows DRS to support a wide variety of industry groups with leading-edge recovery solutions.

Our mission is to serve our customers with world-class products and services through the teamwork of highly skilled and enthusiastic employees. We rely on three pillars of support that include 1) Partnership with our Customers, 2) Employees that love their work, and 3) Excellence in execution.

This web site is designed for ease of navigation and a quick guide to assist you in finding solutions that are ready to implement today.

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