The telecommunications industry today is marked by change. Deregulation, broadband internet, mobile communications, and VOIP are daunting challenges and incredible opportunities. There is also plenty of competition to design, deploy, and manage integrated business communication while meeting the most stringent availability and resiliency requirements. In these enterprises, customer mail and remittance transaction processing systems are key information technology assets that require cutting edge business continuation strategies, and that what DRS delivers.

DRS business continuity solutions are used by a variety of industry leading telecommunication and high speed data networking enterprises. These companies are venerable leaders in the industry with global reach and a long-term, customer-centric market view.

DRS business continuity solutions provide our telecommunication companies critical mail and remittance image item processing systems and facilities redundancy unique to their transaction processing and customer accounting systems. In this manner, our telecommunication services members ensure their critical customer accounting and billing services delivery systems are resilient and reliable.

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