Financial Services

The financial services industry is a highly volatile, ever-changing marketplace. No other sector has higher transaction integrity requirements than the financial services processing industry. Highly regulated and strictly enforced privacy laws require a unique combination of precision, security, and speed. High speed payment processing equipment is utilized by credit card companies, utilities, telecommunications companies, and many of the industries that process the millions of transactions that our economy generates every day. These important corporate assets require solid business recovery strategies, and that's what DRS delivers.

DRS business continuity solutions are used by a variety of industry leading firms in the financial services industry. Use of document imaging systems is common place and allows the processing of checks together with their corresponding documents, capturing images and data, reading MICR, printing an audit trail, and sorting transactions containing checks and larger documents—all in a single pass. This equipment can even process torn, wrinkled, stapled, creased, and damaged documents and reduces preparation time while converting paper into digitized data and image files for securely clearing millions of transactions daily.

DRS business continuity solutions provide our financial services members critical system and facilities redundancy unique to their transaction processing and customer accounting systems. In this manner, our financial services members ensure their customer services delivery systems are resilient and reliable.

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