Mail & Remittance

Mail and Remittance Recovery

DRS provides lockbox processors alternate site recovery facilities and hardware that allow short notice restoration of mail & remittance processing applications. All check and remittance capture systems are fully equipped with high-performance, network attached, client/server peripherals, with optional support for virtualized private cloud application recovery with dedicated and duplicate remote image capture systems. A complete portfolio high-speed automated envelope extraction and document imaging systems from OPEX Corporation are available and vendor maintained.

Testing of your recovery systems is an important element of readiness. Our support team has extensive experience and support certifications for a variety of software application environments. Project management services and technical assistance is provided throughout all testing and recovery operations. Security, file format and transmission protocols from the primary site are maintained in the recovery environment. Recovery assets can be utilized from modern and secureDRS Recovery Center facilities.

For more information specific to your environment, please contact us. Based on your operational requirements, DRS will design and present you with a comprehensive, highly effective solution that performs well under a variety of circumstances.

DRS concentrates all energies on meeting customer business recovery requirements. This means that DRS is not a service bureau entity providing excess processing capacity, but rather, a dedicated business recovery resource serving a geographically limited number of subscribers. DRS limits the number of users in an area according to customer capacity requirements to limit opportunities for multiple disaster declarations. This allows DRS to provide a comprehensive, highly effective solution that performs well under a variety of circumstances.
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